The Five C Model is an organizational development tool that is holistic by nature and flexible by design. The five elements: Concept, Connecting, Collateral, Communication and Consolidation create a strategic and structural overview that aligns with and adds value to almost every business proposition.


Ever thought you needed to make improvements to areas such as customer acquisition, experience, retention, general operational effectiveness, resource planning or your marketing and branding propositions? The Five C Model is a good place to start if you want to achieve consistent market presence, business growth or stability after a period of growth, but it is important to have all five elements working in harmony.





You may have a great concept, a wide range of fantastic brochures and an ability to reach out to customers and influence them in making that first ‘right’ decision (to choose you).

However, if communication in your business is poor, if you (your team) are not consistent with the messages you give out, you may find all the investment is counterproductive, it simply wraps everyone up with admin, conflict and those frustrating roads that lead to nowhere. If you don’t follow up on what you said you would, when you said you would, you start to negate that first decision, you sew doubt in the mind of your customer and muddy the experience and outcome.



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